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Regular research work is carried out on various projects as follows

                Research Projects

  1. National Tumor Registry Programme - I.C.M.R. Project
  2. Role of Amiphostine as Radio-Chemo Protective during Cancer Treatment.
  3. Role of Carboplatin as Radiation sensitizer in Head & Neck Cancer Patients.
  4. External Radiotherapy, Brachytherapy and adjuvant Chemotherapy in the malignancy of Esophagus.
  5. Use of Newer Chemotherapy Agent (Paclitexil) in Head & Neck Cancer Treatment with Radiotherapy
  6. Project of WHO on Cancer Pain Assessment and Palliative Care.
  7. Study of role of Serum Zinc, Magnesium & Molybdenum in Cancer Esophagus.
  8. Breast conservation using Chemotherapy, External Beam Radio Therapy and Brachytherapy.
  9. Facility of Radiation Exposure is made available to the Radiobiology research scholars, scientists and faculty members of postgraduate science college of Bikaner.


Academic paper presentation and participation in conferences/workshops.

  1. Faculty members attend National, International conferences and workshops of Radiotherapy, Radiation Physics, Nuclear Medicine/ Radiation Medicine,  in the country. Postgraduate students are encouraged to attend the conferences and present their research work.
  2. Our faculty members and P.G. Students presented research papers in National Conferences, which were related to “CHART” way of Radiotherapy, Radionecrosis of face bones in Head & Neck Cancer Radiotherapy, unusual sites of metastasis, HDR in the malignancy of Esophagus, Spleenic Irrradition in CML and Bone metastasis in CML patients.
  3. Our P.G. Students attended teaching programme & workshops arranged for P.G. Students at PGI Chandigarh & Ahemdabad in last 2 years. 


Global Clinical Research Projects/Trials Completed:

                IL-2 Clinical Trial: A multi-centric, open label, phase III clinical trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Interleukin- 2 (Zenotech) in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma, followed up to 6 months for survival. (Study Number: Zen-03/2004) The Clinical Trial sponsored by M/s Credence Clinical Research Pvt. Ltd.,,Hyderabad has also been taken up by our Institute. It would help the Cancer patients for their better treatment.

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